Academic Staff

  • Công ty TNHH Giá trị Aroma
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • 16/06/2017
Full time Education

Job Description

 Teacher management tasks:
 Be responsible for all teacher recruitment process: posting recruitment information, selecting candidates’ record, arranging schedules and contacting potential candidates for interview.
 Take charge of training new teachers (individually or working with Academic Team Leader/ Manager)
 Arrange teachers as well as substitute teachers for classes
 Prepare training materials & reference materials for teachers
 Assist Academic Team Leader in calculating monthly teacher salary
 Assist Academic Team Leader in class supervision
 Assist Academic Team Leader in teacher evaluation
 Program development tasks:
 Develop training programs, methods and materials with Academic Team Leader
 Do research on training materials
 Teaching tasks: Take charge of teaching for some classes
 Main curriculum focuses on communication English targeting at daily situation
 Good English pronunciation is also highly required
 Have a wide range of training formats: teaching at aroma, teaching at companies and teaching individuals (depending on requirement)
 Other tasks assigned by Academic Team Leader

Job Requirements

 Excellent English, especially English speaking, listening, pronunciation & communication skills
 Good teaching skills and able to manage class learning environment
 Having knowledge and experience in using English in practical, professional environment and in communicating with foreigners
 Passionate with English & Teaching jobs
 Responsible and able to work under high pressure
 Good organizing skills & controlling skills
 Priority:
 English Training Degrees or English Language Research
 Experienced in teaching English
 Experienced in using daily English at work or working with native speakers
 Experienced in the same position at other language schools.